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The car is based on a Westfield seiw zetec chassis and body kit, with the following modifications:
Ford all aluminium 3 litre, 24 valve v6
Pace dry sump system and oil tank
Jenvey inlet manifolds and 45mm throttle bodies
Catcams cams (work in progress)
Custom made lightweight steel flywheel from DB Engineering
Tilton starter and 40 amp lightweight alternator
Emerald engine management firing peco injectors
Vibratech cosworth competition engine mounts
Davies Craig electronic water pump system
Mocal oil to water heat exchange
Westfield large aluminium radiator adapted to fit standard nosecone
Quaife 5 speed heavy duty straight cut type 9 box
with Quaife aluminium case and top plate
Quaife gearshift
Quartermaster 7 1/4" clutch and release bearing
5/8 clutch master cylinder, pedal adapted from cable operation
Morgan bellhousing adapted with 1" aluminium plate
Custom made short propshaft from Proptec
Ford sierra limited slip diff
Welded stainless steel twin side exit exhausts
Laser cut stainless manifold plates from Intec
Simpson race exhausts stainless 3 to 1 merge collectors
Raceco 7 1/4" titanium re-packable silencers
Innovate Motorsports LC-1 wideband lambda sensor
Brakes and Suspension:
Westfield Bremsport 4 pot alloy front callipers on vented discs
Hispec ultralite 2 pot alloy rear callipers with handbrake mechanism
AP racing brake master cylinder
Westfield front and rear anti roll bar setup
Westfield front and rear aluminium uprights
Westfield aluminium front hubs
Compomotive evo 1 and mo rims
Engine bay modified and braced to accept new engine and mounts
Steering column repositioned for clearance
Lightweight grp seats - directly mounted
Willans 4 point harnesses
Walbro fuel pump, with Swirl pot modification welded to fueltank
Westfield aeroscreen and Suzuki GSXR wingmirrors
Westfield braced RAC spec rollover bar
LED indicator, tail and brake light conversion - Redtop 25 battery
Race Technologies dash and data logging - control and logging for:
cameras, gps, g, throttle, a/f and pressure/temperature sensors
Performance, roadlegal setup - on original cams:
Maximum bhp: 270bhp @ 7050rpm
Maximum torque: 222lbft @ 5322rpm - 300nm
Running weight: 600kg, estimated
Power to weight: 450 bhp per tonne, estimated
0 to 60mph: 3.3 seconds, estimated
0 to 100mph: 7.3 seconds, estimated
0 to 100mph to 0: 12 seconds, estimated
Standing quarter mile: 11.7 seconds, estimated
Maximum speed: 150mph, limited by drive ratio